Ruth Traynelis

Jeb Haley

Fen is a Las Vegas-based print and digital magazine interested in literary and multimedia work attentive to the natural, human, and human-influenced environment in which we fundamentally participate.

We take our name from the peat-forming wetlands that receive their nutrients from sources other than precipitation such as drainage from surrounding mineral soils and groundwater springheads and seeps. The unique anaerobic and antibacterial properties of fen soils make them perfect sites for preservation, to the degree that even the soft tissues of centuries-old cadavers pulled from these landforms are often found in close to perfect anatomical condition.

We intend the editorial vision of our magazine to embody a realm of essential permeability – a scape of variation, erosion, aggregation, unearthing, and deposit; a transition zone upon which traces of passage might suddenly vanish, or, once lost, appear again shockingly intact.

Fen publishes three issues annually: two digital issues and one print issue dedicated to the recovery and reappraisal of the work and biography of a historically forgotten or neglected writer.

While our primary emphasis will always be poetry, we welcome work from all genres and media in the literary arts – including fiction, prose, creative nonfiction, essay, playwriting, hybrid forms, book review, and translation.

Fen is currently accepting unsolicited submissions for all future issues. We ask that you not send more than one submission at a time.